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Cloud Security

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In the digital era, cloud computing is indispensable for businesses, revolutionizing operations with its flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. However, the shift to cloud services underscores the critical need for robust cloud security. Safeguarding valuable assets like customer data and intellectual property is paramount, as a breach can result in financial losses, reputational damage, and legal repercussions.


The cloud security landscape faces challenges, including rising cyber threats, the complexity of cloud environments, and the scarcity of skilled professionals. Businesses struggle with visibility and control over their cloud-based data, compliance with evolving regulations, and securing data across multiple providers. Despite these challenges, a comprehensive cloud security strategy, leveraging advanced technologies and best practices, can mitigate risks. Collaborating with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to create a tailored security responsibility matrix, regularly reviewed and updated, is crucial for staying ahead of evolving threats.


GBM Shield is at the forefront, providing solutions for businesses embracing cloud strategies in their digital transformation journey. Ensuring robust security and regulatory compliance, GBM Shield simplifies the adoption of an overarching cloud security framework. Leveraging industry standards like CSA-CCM v4.0, NIST, ISACA, ISO, and GDPR, GBM assists customers in creating a unified control framework aligned with their specific needs and requirements.


Cloud Security Framework
  • Cloud Security Strategy Advisory

  • Cloud Security Risk Assessment

  • Cloud Security Architecture Assessment

  • Vulnerability Scanning And Penetration Testing

  • DevSecOps for Cloud applications

  • Cloud Native Application Protection

  • Platform- CNAPP

  • Consumer identity and access management

  • Cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM)

  • Identity Lifecycle Management

  • Single Sign On and passwordless authentication

  • Least Privilege Access Mgmt

  • Privilege Remote Access

  • Cloud Data Discovery & Visibility

  • Cloud Access Security Broker

  • Cloud Data Encryption & Key Management

  • Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

  • Certificate LifeCycle Management (CLM)

  • Database Protection & Data Rights Management

  • Data Privacy & Access Governance

  • Cyber Asset Attack Surface Mgmt (CAASM)

  • Cloud Security Posture Mgmt (CSPM)

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

  • Hybrid DDOS Protection

  • Hybrid Mesh Firewall

  • Threat Protection Platform

  • Zero Trust Network Access

  • Integrated Cloud Email Security

  • IOT Security

  • Cloud SIEM & SOAR

  • Cloud Detection & Response (CDR)

  • Risk based Vulnerability Management (RBVM)

  • Adaptive Bespoke Cyber Defense

  • Digital Risk Protection Service (DRPS)

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Unified Identity & Access Governance (UIAG)

Unified Identity & Access Governance (UIAG) has become a cornerstone of a robust cloud security posture. UIAG provides a centralized approach to managing user identities, access privileges, and entitlements across all cloud environments. This ensures that only authorized users have access to the right resources, at the right time, and for the right reasons. By adopting a comprehensive UIAG strategy, organizations can take a significant step toward securing their cloud environments and protecting their valuable data assets.

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Data Privacy and Protection

The recent data explosion coupled with stricter Data Privacy and Protection regulations necessitates organizations to have comprehensive data security mechanisms in place. In terms of maturing data security and achieving regulatory compliance, GBM Shield aims to equip organizations with robust data protection strategies and holistic methods starting from sensitive data discovery and classification to the mapping of the data journey, data loss prevention, data encryption and key management. This is achieved through careful moderation and adaptation of new models, complemented by a data protection platform approach that protects data throughout its lifecycle in both cloud and on-premises environments.

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Hybrid Network Security

Traditional security models designed for siloed environments fall short in hybrid scenarios. The unique challenges of hybrid networks include; Expanded attack surface, limited visibility & inconsistent controls. By actively building and maintaining a strong Hybrid Network Security framework, organizations can confidently navigate the hybrid cloud landscape, protecting their data, applications, and infrastructure from evolving threats.

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Security Analytics & Protection

Siloed technology, dispersed infrastructure, and dynamic environments create blind spots and vulnerabilities; it is crucial for organizations to adopt a robust Security Analytics & Protection Strategy to secure the organization’s hybrid cloud environments.

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Modern Application Security

The cloud's dynamic nature introduces unique challenges, complexities and vulnerabilities that traditional, on-premises safeguards struggle to address, by embracing a robust application security framework organization can strengthen their defenses against complex application threats and improve cyber resilience.

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Compliance & Advisory Services

GBM offers a comprehensive approach that tackles the full spectrum of cloud-related security concerns, helping you build a robust and agile security environment. Our experts have decades of experience assigning and advising corporations across industries with navigating today’s complex business environments to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.


Our Compliance and advisory service portfolio is built on a framework of eight pillars that uphold the effectiveness and security of the modern digital business.

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Key Features of Security Analytics & Threat Management

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Implement advanced security technologies and best practices to mitigate risks in cloud environments.

Comprehensive Cloud Security Strategy

Collaborate with CSPs to develop a cloud security matrix specific to business needs, ensuring effective risk management.

Tailored Responsibility Matrix

Safeguard customer data, intellectual property, and financial information from cloud-related threats.

Robust Asset Protection

Regularly updates the security strategy to address new and emerging threats in the cloud landscape.

Adaptability to Changing Threats

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Ready to fortify your defense with Cloud Security?

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