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Compliance & Advisory Services

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Security Compliance and Advisory services provide guidance and support to ensure organizations meet industry standards and regulations while offering expert advice to enhance overall cybersecurity posture. 

We aim to help organizations tackle the complete spectrum of security issues by creating a robust security environment with services Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and threat assessments from improving corporate governance to managing and mitigating risk to achieving regulatory compliance.


Our experts have decades of experience assigning and advising corporations across industries in navigating today’s complex business environments to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.  

We offer a wide range of information and cybersecurity consulting services tailored to your organization’s needs and challenges. Our framework is built on eight pillars that uphold the effectiveness and security of the modern digital business. 


compliance & advisory framework
  • SOC Transformation Services

  • SOC Maturity Assessment

  • Incident Analysis & Response

  •  Cyber range services

  • Information Security Awareness Campaign 

  • Social Engineering Attacks 

  • Certifiable Training

  • OT Security Assessment

  • OT/ICS Cyber Security Framework and Strategy

  • ICS/SCADA Architecture Assessment

  • MSS OT Environment

  • Cloud Security Assessment 

  • Cloud Security Risk Assessment 

  • Cloud Security Strategy

  • Strategic Advisory Services

  • Design Security Governance Framework

  • Assess and Design IT Governance and

  • Service Management

  • Compliance Management Services (ISMS,

  • PCI, BCMS, ITSM, etc)

  • Cyber Resilience

  • Risk management Services

  • Audit & Assurance Services

  • Penetration Testing (VAPT)

  • Red Team Engagement & DDOS Simulation

  • Web/Mobile Application Assessment (SAST, DAST)

  • Configuration Review

  • Source Code Review

  • Wireless Assessment

  • Threat Hunting

  • Enterprise Security Architecture Review & Design

  • Security Strategy Plans

  • Data Classification Consultancy 

  • Privacy & Data Protection Readiness Assessment

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Governance Risk & Compliance

We provide invaluable guidance to organizations in developing proactive and effective security strategies. These services offer tailored recommendations based on the organization's unique risk profile, industry regulations, and evolving cyber threats. By assessing the current security posture, identifying vulnerabilities, and aligning security measures with business objectives, strategic security advisors help organizations bolster their defenses, reduce risks, and ensure regulatory compliance.

We assess all areas of the GRC ecosystem, including high-level decision-making, risk management and regulatory compliance enabling your executive management and board members to better fulfil their security governance roles and to ensure that they meet any necessary compliance requirements.

Our services encompass:

  • Strategic Security Advisory - Assists in aligning security and business goals by evaluating current security maturity, defining targets, and creating a tailored roadmap based on industry standards and business priorities.


  • Compliance Management Services - Establish a robust information security management system by defining and implementing necessary policies and procedures. Develop and manage an efficient regulatory compliance ecosystem to handle various regulatory requirements within the organization, including security management, IT service management, and business continuity.


  • Risk Management Program – Design, Implement and maintain a comprehensive risk management framework to protect you from the emerging threat landscape by leveraging people, process, and technology transformation opportunities.


  • Audit and Assessment - Build, perform and manage audits and assessments related to IT Governance, Regulatory/Policy Compliance, Information Security, Third Party Control & Governance and provide external and internal audit support.

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Threat Assessment

Cyber threat assessment services are essential in today's digital landscape. These services provide organizations with a comprehensive understanding of their cybersecurity vulnerabilities and potential risks. They typically involve thorough evaluations of networks, systems, and processes to identify weaknesses that could be exploited by cybercriminals. Additionally, cyber threat assessments often include threat intelligence analysis to keep clients informed about emerging risks.

GBM shield leverages combination of cutting-edge technologies, industry expertise, and global threat intelligence, which helps organizations identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and develop robust defines strategies.

GBM specializing in cyber threat assessment offer a range of invaluable services to help the customers stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries.

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing VAPT - VAPT combines vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to identify and address cyber security vulnerabilities comprehensively. Our service enhances your organization's security by identifying weaknesses and providing guidance for mitigation. Essential for compliance with standards like DESC, ADHICS, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and more.

  • Configuration Review (Baseline check) - We assess your system configurations against industry standards, identifying vulnerabilities and security gaps. Our team ensures alignment with security baselines, mitigating cyber threats. Trust us for a comprehensive evaluation to ensure your systems meet the highest security standards.

  • Web & Mobile application Penetration testing - Our web app penetration testing proactively identifies vulnerabilities, safeguarding sensitive user and financial data. Regular testing is crucial as web apps are prime targets for cybercriminals. Our assessments cover vulnerabilities listed in the OWASP Top 10 standard. GBM uses two distinct methods for assessing application security testing:

  •  SAST (Static Application Security Testing): SAST analyzes application code without execution, identifying vulnerabilities by examining its structure, logic, and configuration. It's done during development to catch security issues early in the software lifecycle.

  • DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing): DAST tests an application's security during runtime by simulating real-world attacks and analyzing responses. It identifies vulnerabilities that could be exploited live, commonly used before deployment or for periodic security checks.

  • Wireless penetration testing - Our service assesses WLANs and associated wireless technologies for vulnerabilities that could lead to unauthorized network access.

  • Red Teaming - Our red team testing simulates real-world attacks to uncover vulnerabilities and enhance cybersecurity defenses effectively.

  • Threat Hunting - Protect your digital assets with our proactive Security Threat Hunting Services, ensuring real-time threat mitigation and staying ahead of cyber threats.

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Architecture Assessment

Elevate your organization's cybersecurity posture with our Network Security Architecture and Configuration Review and Assessment service. Our expert team conducts a comprehensive analysis of your network security architecture and configurations to identify vulnerabilities, potential risks, and areas for improvement. We scrutinize firewall settings, intrusion detection systems, VPN configurations, and other critical components, ensuring they align with industry standards and best practices. With a focus on optimization and resilience, our service aims to fortify your network against cyber threats.  

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Key Features of Compliance & Advisory Services

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Data Protection & Privacy

In a world of costly data breaches, data security has become key issues for organizations across the world.  A wave of new legislation is being introduced to protect data and privacy such as, General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy laws/regulation across GCC and others becoming increasingly stringent, ensuring compliance and safeguarding sensitive information is paramount. Here how GBM help by offering an array of service to prevent leakage of sensitive information and ensure privacy of data subjects and ultimately to keep your organization compliance with laws and regulations.


  • Privacy and Data Protection Readiness Assessment

Our service is your compass for navigating the complex landscape of data privacy and protection and your roadmap to a fortified digital fortress. In an era where data breaches can have severe consequences, being prepared is non-negotiable. Our seasoned experts conduct meticulous assessments, evaluating every facet of your data security strategy, from access controls to encryption protocols. We leave no stone unturned in identifying vulnerabilities, regulatory compliance gaps, and potential risks. Armed with these insights, we collaborate with you to develop a robust data security plan tailored to your unique needs. With our Data Security Readiness Assessment, you're not just prepared for the challenges of today; you're ready to thrive in the data-centric future.

  • Data Security program  

Our Data Identification and Classification Consulting Services is your compass in navigating the intricate data landscape. Our consultants collaborate closely with customers to meticulously identify, classify, and protect data based on its nature, sensitivity, and relevance to business operations. This process not only ensures compliance with stringent data protection regulations but also lays the groundwork for enhanced data governance, streamlined access controls, and tailored security measures.  

Our Data Identification and Classification Consulting Services empower you to transform data complexities into strategic advantages, making informed decisions and maximizing the potential of your information assets. 

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OT Security

In a world where Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are the backbone of critical infrastructure, our OT/ICS Security Assessment services are your shield against emerging threats.  

We specialize in evaluating the security of your OT/ICS environment, identifying vulnerabilities, and fortifying your defenses. Our team employs industry-specific knowledge and cutting-edge tools to assess risks, compliance gaps, and potential weaknesses. With our comprehensive assessments, you can safeguard your essential operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain the trust of your stakeholders.


Our services encompass an all-encompassing Infrastructure Pentest, an examination of Zero Trust architecture and configurations, and a malware assessment aimed at evaluating potential consequences and assessing an organization's preparedness for cyber security incidents. 

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Security Awareness

In an era of ever-evolving cyber threats, your organization's first line of defense is an informed and vigilant team. Discover the power of our Security Awareness Services. Our mission is to fortify your cybersecurity by arming your employees with the knowledge and tools they need to protect your digital fortress.


Our cyber security awareness training program is designed to ensure your employees are immune to sophisticated social engineering attacks. That’s achieved by following a comprehensive approach:


  • Baseline Assessment - In today's rapidly evolving professional landscape, staying competitive demands more than ever. That's where Skill Gap Assessment (baseline assessment) comes in, and we're here to guide you through its benefits and offerings. We conduct thorough assessments to pinpoint skill gaps at every level of your organization to measure the effectiveness of training programs with quantifiable progress tracking which result to tailored programs designed to bridge specific skill gaps identified. 

  • Training Content - We provide a tailor-made cyber security awareness training program that is designed around your teams’ current level of awareness and takes into consideration your business environment and needs. The program features a massive library of security awareness training content, including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. 


  • Phishing Campaigns - As part of the program, we organize fully automated simulation attacks using different templates based on real-world examples. 

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Security Operation Consulting

In today's ever-evolving threat landscape, the effectiveness of your Security Operations Center (SOC) is paramount. Our SOC Maturity Assessment service is your key to strengthening your cybersecurity defenses and optimizing SOC performance.


Our comprehensive assessment evaluates your SOC's current state, identifies gaps in processes and technologies, and aligns operations with industry best practices and compliance standards. We provide a tailored roadmap for improvement, streamlining your SOC's operations and enhancing its capabilities. With continuous support and ongoing enhancement, we ensure your SOC stays ahead of emerging threats and remains a reliable fortress protecting your organization's digital assets. Elevate your cybersecurity posture with our SOC Maturity Assessment, because when it comes to security, there's no room for compromise.


With a keen focus on your unique needs, we develop frameworks that define roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes, ensuring accountability and alignment with industry regulations.  

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Cloud Security

In today's cloud-centric world, safeguarding your digital assets in the cloud is paramount. Our Cloud Security Assessment and Strategy service is your partner in ensuring robust cloud security. We conduct comprehensive assessments of your cloud infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities, compliance gaps, and potential risks. Leveraging this assessment, we work with you to formulate a tailored cloud security strategy, encompassing data protection, access controls, threat detection, and incident response. With our guidance, you can confidently embrace the cloud while maintaining the highest standards of security. Your journey to cloud security excellence starts here. 

Our services employ a range of proven methods to ensure robust protection for your cloud environment.  

  • Vulnerability Scanning And Penetration Testing: Our experts simulate real-world attacks to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your cloud infrastructure, helping you proactively secure your assets.

  • Compliance Audits: Our compliance assessments ensure that your cloud operations meet industry regulations and standards, protecting you from costly penalties and reputational damage.

  • Risk Assessment and baseline Review: We thoroughly review the risk evaluating potential threats and their impact and optimize your security configuration to align them with best practices and enhance your security posture.

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Provide expert advice that ensures adherence to industry standards and regulations, fortifying your cybersecurity posture.

Strategic Compliance Guidance

A robust suite of services addressing all aspects of security governance, risk management, and compliance, paired with detailed threat assessments.

GRC and Threat Management

Align technology with advanced cybersecurity measures to address regulatory changes and emerging threats, securing a competitive advantage.


 Decades of expertise in advising corporations across industries, guiding through the complexities of compliance and industry standards.

Expert-Led Security Consulting