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Data Privacy & Protection

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Data Privacy and Protection involve safeguarding an organization's digital and physical information to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability across the data lifecycle. This encompasses handling individuals' personal data with care, extending to broader aspects like data immutability, preservation, and destruction, employing both traditional and advanced security tools. The risks to data security, including accidental exposure, ransomware, and insider threats, necessitate strategic measures for combatting these challenges.


With data growing at an unprecedented rate and businesses relying more on data, ensuring privacy and protection becomes indispensable. Modern businesses' survival and growth hinge on robust data security, safeguarding critical assets and sensitive information. GBM Shield addresses these challenges by providing comprehensive data protection strategies—from sensitive data discovery and classification to mapping the data journey, data loss prevention, encryption, and key management. Through a blend of careful adaptation of new models and technology, GBM Shield aims to equip organizations with holistic data protection, considering current and upcoming data privacy and security regulations in the GCC region to facilitate compliance.


Hybrid Network Security framework
  • Cloud Data Discovery and Classification

  • Cloud Data Encryption and Key Management

  • Security Service Edge (SSE)

  • Cloud Security Posture Management 

  • Cloud Security Maturity Assessment

  • Open Access Identification, Governance and Remediation

  • ISO 27701 PIMS Assessment 

  • Data Privacy Operations Design

  • Third Party Vendor Assessment 

  • Data Breach Management

  • Data Classification Consultancy 

  • Data Flow Analysis

  • Data Security Assessment and Review 

  • Data Protection Strategy 

  • DPIA / PIA

  • Sensitive Data Discovery 

  • Data Classification and Labelling

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Digital Rights Management

  • Data Security Posture Management

  • Database Vulnerability Assessment 

  • On-Premises and Multi-cloud DAM

  • Database Access Firewall

  • Database Threat Analytics 

  • Database Security Policy and Compliance Design

  • Encryption / Masking / Tokenization

  • Public Key Infrastructure

  • Key Lifecycle Management 

  • Confidential Computing

  • Certificate Lifecycle Management

  • Quantum Safe Cryptography

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Data Consulting Services

One of the core pillars of the GBM Shield Data Privacy and Protection includes the Data Consulting Services. The Data consulting team includes experienced data security consultants with rich skill sets to help organizations build Data Protection Strategies, enhance Data Classification Frameworks, carry out Data Protection Impact Assessments / Privacy Impact Assessments and provide Data Security advisories. The Data Consulting exercise heavily relies on human interaction with different departments in the organization which is seamlessly handled by our Arabic and English-speaking consultants. The Data Consulting Services can be included as a standalone service as well as bundled with different data security initiatives.

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Data Classification and Loss Prevention

Sensitive data identification and discovery forms the foundations of a successful data protection program. Data classification enables organizations to organize data based on various factors like sensitivity, storage repository, risk, and compliance. The Data Loss Prevention solutions protect various data egress points to ensure sensitive data is restricted from moving out of the organization. GBM Shield offers a vendor-agnostic and robust integrated approach in the form of a Data Protection Program to help organizations design data classification and data loss prevention solutions and also to leverage existing investment in these solutions to derive maximum value proposition. Also, we expertise to enhance the data protection program with introduction of Digital Rights Management solution to cover advanced data security use cases.

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Database Protection

The primary focus of an organization often is on perimeter security. However, databases are the storehouse of sensitive data susceptible to internal and external threats. It is imperative to have security control in proximity to the databases. GBM Shield offers comprehensive approach to database protection covering sensitive data identification, discovery and classification, database vulnerability assessments, entitlement management, database activity monitoring, and database firewalls as well as AI and ML based database threat detection and prevention. The offering not only helps to enhance database security but also reduces time and effort by automating the audit and compliance processes.

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Data Encryption

Data encryption is a significant data security control, especially in the wake of the growing ransomware attacks. Data encryption involves translating data into ciphertext that can be accessed only by authorized persons and processes with a secret key. Though data encryption is a critical data security control, it is important to understand the generally encrypt everything and everywhere approach is difficult to achieve considering the complexity of an organization’s IT infrastructure. GBM Shield helps organizations design the encryption strategy by defining the scope of encryption, algorithms to adopt, key management policies, key and certificate lifecycle management, secure key storage in dedicated hardware security modules and confidential computing in line with the requirements. For the era of quantum computing, we offer quantum safe cryptography. Thereby, providing organizations with a comprehensive, practical and implementable approach to data encryption.

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Data Privacy & Access Governance

In the wake of the Data Privacy Laws and Regulations in the GCC region, it is becoming imperative for organizations to understand and adapt to these laws and regulations. The Data Privacy Laws and regulations necessitate organizations to implement Assets and Data Discovery, 3rd Party Vendor Risk Assessment, Data Security Posture Management, Data Cataloguing, and Data Consent Management. Maneuvering the organization's existing data security control like data classification and data loss prevention to align with the Data Privacy Laws and Regulations also becomes important. GBM Shield understands the various laws and regulations and recommends curated approaches and methods to implement the data privacy laws also ensuring governance of the organization’s data.

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Cloud Data Security

Data security cannot be restricted to only traditional and on-premises data. With an increase in cloud adoption coupled with data explosion, it is important to extend the data security strategies to data stored on the cloud. The dynamic cloud landscape requires comprehensive and flexible cloud data security controls. Technologies and concepts like cloud access security broker, cloud security posture management, security service edge, etc. GBM Sheild helps organizations with recommendations to improve the overall cloud data security posture considering the organization’s cloud infrastructure as well as taking into account the existing investment in data security controls for on-premises data.

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Key Features of Data Privacy & Protection

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Pinpoint and categorize sensitive data to ensure appropriate protection measures.

Sensitive Data Discovery and Classification

Track the flow of data within the organization, identifying potential vulnerabilities.

Data Journey Mapping

Robust encryption methods paired with secure key management practices.

Comprehensive Data Encryption and Key Management 

Stay updated and compliant with the latest data privacy and security regulations in the GCC region.

Regulatory Compliance

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Ready to fortify your defense with Data Privacy & Protection?

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