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Unified Identity & Access Governance

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abstract cybersecurity illustration depicting Compliance & Advisory Services

UIAG refers to the processes and methodologies that are used to ensure the right access to the right individuals across various information sources of an organization. This is a discipline that is fast emerging as a critical one on account of the increase in data security and compliance requirements by organizations. It encompasses a set of policies, procedures, and tools required to manage individual access rights, authentication, and privileges.


Our team works with organizations at every step of the UIAG journey from their vision to successful deployment and operational state. GBM Shield Unified Identity and Access Governance practice is equipped with multiple technologies and services to manage all type of identities that exists in the customer environment (like employees, contractors, consumers, administrators, vendors, machine identity, etc) covering the complete user identity and access governance journey.


Compliance & Advisory Services framework
  • IAM Posture Assessment

  • IAM Policy & Procedure Review

  • IAM Vision & Roadmap

  • IAM Architecture

  • IAM Maturity Assessment

  • Privilege Remote Access IT

  • Privilege Remote Access OT

  • Remote Session Support

  • Third Party Access Control

  • Workforce IAM

  • Consumer IAM

  • IAM as Service

  • IAM in OT

  • Password Auditing

  • Identity Threat Detection & Response

  • Centralized Authentication & Authorization

  • Federation & Social Login

  • API Single Sign On

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Password less Login

  • Password & Session Management

  • Privilege Management

  • Cloud Entitlement Management

  • Privilege Account Lifecycle Governance

abstract cybersecurity illustration depicting Compliance & Advisory Services


Identity & Access Governance is more than just technology. If a proper process is not developed and implemented, even the best solutions can leave customers at risk of privilege escalation, toxic access, orphan accounts, data breaches, and other problems.

GBM has developed a unique UIAG consulting offering, to help customers in their Identity & Access Governance journey, including:

  • IAM Posture Assessment: Review of existing tools and technology in place 

  • IAM Policy & Procedure Review: Review for user life cycle management policy and procedures with or without the use of technology

  • IAM Vision & Roadmap: Detailed plan for technology selection and deployment aligning with organization priority matrix and roadmap.

  • IAM Architecture: Logical diagram how user information will flow between system, how user access will be provided and governed.

  • IAM Maturity Assessment: Evaluate the organization’s current IAM maturity level against its planned IAM roadmap

abstract cybersecurity illustration depicting Compliance & Advisory Services


One of the biggest challenges organizations face is streamlining user lifecycle management and ensuring that users have the right privileges for their roles. This challenge is even greater in cloud and hybrid environments, where it can be difficult to track users and their access. This can lead to compliance failures, data breaches, and other problems.

Identity is the combination of processes and technology used to manage and govern the identities of employees, contractors, temporary users, administrators, partners, consumers.

We further classify Identity in below categories:

  • Workforce IAM: Manage and govern identifies of Employee, contractor, temp users including automation of joiner, mover, leaver process, birth right access, self-service, access review/certification, role-based access control segregation of duties etc.

  • Consumer IAM: Centralized platform for consumers/customer to manage their profiles, subscriptions, services, and consents. Also provide flexibility to business by having all consumer data in one place to enable new services/offering

  • IAM as Service: Manage and govern identities without worrying about underlying infrastructure, solution availability and solution maintenance.

  • IAM in OT: Automation of work order authorization with governance and access control in place for OT site access

  • Password Validation & Blacklisting: Enhancing password security without impacting user experience and preventing user to choose weak or breached password

  • Identity Threat Detection & Response: Combination of process and technology to protect, detect and mitigate attacks on Identity.

abstract cybersecurity illustration depicting Compliance & Advisory Services

Single Sign-On

SSO helps address the challenges of password fatigue in heterogeneous environments, where users often need multiple login credentials to access various applications. SSO platform allows users to have seamless access across all of their applications, reducing the need to remember and manage multiple passwords. This can improve user productivity and make it easier for organizations to track user activity and enforce security measures.

SSO offering includes below:

  • Centralized Authentication & Authorization: Seamless access to all enterprise applications with multiple Identity Source.

  • Federation/Social Login: Allowing user/consumers/partners to user their existing or social credentials to access enterprise application

  • API Single Sign On: API security and Auditing

  • Multifactor Authentication: Enhance the security posture with an additional layer in authentication workflow like OTP, SW/HW Tokens, Grid etc

  • Passwordless Login: Improve user login experience with enhanced security capabilities

abstract cybersecurity illustration depicting Compliance & Advisory Services

Privilege Access

Organizations face many challenges when they don't have visibility into the administrative activities being performed in their environment. This can lead to shared and compromised credentials, data breaches, and other security risks. GBM Shield UIAG' Privilege Access Management offering helps organizations to gain full visibility into administrative activities, with auditing and compliance built in, including but not limited to:

  • Password & Session Management: Discover, Onboard, Protect, Rotate privilege credentials, provider secure access with monitoring and auditing in place

  • Privilege Management: Enforce zero trust and granular level access control with dynamic privilege escalation.

  • Cloud Entitlement Management: Monitor, Report & Managing administrator privileges in multi cloud environment.

  • Privilege Account Lifecycle Governance: Track and Audit the privilege account lifecycle, who requested for it, who created, who owned, who used etc.

abstract cybersecurity illustration depicting Compliance & Advisory Services

Remote Access

Regulate, Monitor & Audit vendors or third-party access to critical infrastructure is one the biggest concern for the organization. Organizations are struggling to maintain the balance between ease of operation and security. Solutions like VPN, Webex, Teams are easy to access, quick to onboard, but they lack security controls. Getting the vendors on-site to perform activities is time consuming and create additional overhead.

Privilege Remote Access strike the perfect balance between ease of operations, user experience and security. Allowing the Vendors and Partners have VPN less remote access over the organization infrastructure while all security controls like Vaulting, Session Monitoring & Auditing are included by design. Below are they key offerings in this domain:

  • Privilege Remote Access IT: Secure, Monitored, Controlled & VPN Less remote access

  • Privilege Remote Access OT: VPN less remote access to OT devices with adequate security, monitoring, and access control in place

  • Remote Session Support: Helpdesk solution with enhanced monitoring and access control functionalities

  • Third Party Access Control: Access & Activity filtering based on type of users, time of access and source of connection

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Key Features of Unified Identity & Access Governance

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A thorough examination of current Identity & Access Management encompasses a comprehensive review of existing technologies and processes, paving the way for a detailed roadmap that envisions future advancements and optimizations.

IAG Strategy & Assessment

Manages the entire spectrum of identity lifecycle, from creation to removal, ensuring proper access rights and compliance throughout.

Identity Governance and Administration

Implements strong authentication and authorization mechanisms to safeguard access to sensitive information and systems.

Robust Authentication & Authorization

Focuses on the security of passwords and sessions, complemented by thorough auditing to maintain accountability and detect potential security breaches.

Password & Session Security and Auditing

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Ready to fortify your defense with Unified Identity & Access Governance?

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abstract cybersecurity illustration depicting Compliance & Advisory Services
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