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Introducing GBM's new advanced Cor. platform

In today's complex cybersecurity landscape, Cor. stands as a beacon of innovation, offering unparalleled insight and foresight to organizations worldwide. By seamlessly integrating with cloud environments and monitoring them with precision, Cor. revolutionizes cybersecurity, empowering business leaders to defend their digital assets with confidence.

Why Cor.?

  • Insightful Integration: Cor. harmoniously interconnects all elements of the enterprise, including traditional security systems, amplifying understanding, and evaluation of digital events.

  • Real-time Threat Integration: Cor. provides a conduit for real-time representation of integrated threat events, reducing investigation time and enabling swift incident resolution.

  • MDR Excellence: Available under the GBM Shield cyber defense program, Cor. is a first-of-its-kind MDR platform, redefining threat perception and response for organizations in the MENA region.

Unlock the Power of Cor. Today

Download our solution brief to discover how Cor. can transform your cybersecurity strategy, providing speed, depth, breadth, accuracy, and trust in defending your organization against evolving threats.

Download PDF • 58.33MB


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