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A Future Reimagined - GBM Annual Security Report 2020

As technological disruption leads to rapid digitalization of the global economy, organizations have to re-imagine the architecture of the enterprise. Organizations are leveraging technology to redesign customer and employee engagement, transform operations, and adopt new business models to address rapidly changing industry dynamics and user needs.

As organizations reshape themselves to adapt to the expanding digital economy, building resilience and trust into digital experiences of customers, employees and partners is becoming increasingly critical. There is a realization now that security needs to be central to the digital architecture of the future enterprise to engender trust and resilience. However, developing a digital strategy where security is “baked in” and not “bolted on” is challenging, and requires an understanding of risks across all facets of the enterprise, and furthermore, an attention to building comprehensive security strategies to address them.

In the 9th edition of GBM Annual Security Report, we look at how risk priorities have changed this year for organizations in the Gulf, and what security strategies they are employing as they accelerate towards a digital enterprise. The report is based on a survey of organizations across key industry sectors in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. The report analyses the key results of the survey, and furthermore, provides essential guidance to secuirty strategists and practioners as they strive to reimagine security for the future digital enterprise.

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A Future Reimagined – 2020 report
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