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Deep Dive into Digital Trust - GBM Annual Security Report 2022

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to a “digital-first” world with the disruption over the past year, adding new consumer habits and creating new segments of “digital-first” consumers. However, the increased use of technology has created a rich playground for cybercrimes. Today, with sophisticated and powerful cyberattacks compromising businesses at an unprecedented rate, there is a growing urgency for trust to take centre stage in the digital architecture of the future economy. As a result, redesigning security for the digital-first world and protecting it from external and internal threats has become a key priority for organizations.

GBM Annual Security Report 2022 reveals that ‘digital trust’ has become a necessity in today’s hyper-connected era, and a transparent and open communication across all levels of society and businesses is a must to combat malicious attacks. This involves a “partnership” between individuals, businesses, and governments where all parties are engaged and instrumental in safeguarding cyber security.

The report also draws attention to organizations’ need to better understand the motives and tactics of hackers and suggests reprioritization of risks to thrive in a digital-first world.

Key Highlights:

  • 84% of the Gulf organizations surveyed are reprioritizing data security investments this year. Find out the drivers of the most pressing needs of decision makers.

  • 64% of the Gulf organizations stated they are facing challenges in tackling skill gaps. Find out how Managed Security Services (MSS) have become a priority across the Gulf region.

"We strongly believe remaining relevant in a digital-first world is as much about evolving mindsets and practises as it is about incorporating the latest technologies. A strong risk management process will help organizations identify areas that can be managed externally, thereby allowing employees to focus on driving results that really matter."

— Hani Nofal, VP of Digital Infrastructure Solutions, GBM

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