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Embracing Cyber Chaos - GBM Annual Security Report 2023

The Middle East technology landscape is rapidly evolving and the threat landscape is evolving along with it. As the region transforms into a hub of technology innovation, cybercriminals are also taking advantage of new disruptive technologies to upgrade their techniques. The days of basic DDOS and malware attacks are behind us as attackers have moved to multi-staged, orchestrated attacks that are run with a mixture of humans and bots behind them.

GBM Annual Security Report 2023 takes a deep look at these emerging threats along with how CISOs can enhance their incident response capabilities before they become victims of a data breach.

Our team of experts has analyzed data from a wide range of sources, including our own security research, industry reports, and real-world examples of attacks and breaches.

Some of the key trends we discussed in this year’s report:

  • Increased adoption of public cloud services in the Middle East cloud market is expected to reach USD 9.8 billion by 2027.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used as business differentiators across the region. The Middle East is expected to accrue 2% of the total global benefits of AI in 2030 which is equivalent to USD 320 billion.

  • Further penetration of 5G with an estimated 80 million subscribers by 2025, far outpacing Western markets.

  • Rise of smart cities powered by IoT technologies.

"By investing in a cybersecurity strategy that encompasses these risks and incorporates the new generation of cybersecurity technology, CISOs in the Middle East can put themselves in a solid position to protect their environments in the coming years and prevent them from descending into cyber chaos"

— Hani Nofal, VP of Digital Infrastructure Solutions, GBM

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